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Individual fashion


About [Legion]Stuff

Legion Stuff is a small, non profit brand of underground fashion.
Like many I started with simple screen printed shirts, badges and hand made jewelry.

Now I am a certified fashion designer, puting most of my spare time in creating and sewing.

Legion Stuff is an individual and personalized clothing brand taking its inspiration from Gothic, Deathrock, Punk, Cyberpunk and underground fashion in general.

Most items are created as unique pieces, hand made by myself, as far I don't see a point in recreating identical clothes, for different persons, or even outsourcing them to the industry.
The idea is to give people the possibility to express themselves. I work on an idea for a new piece together with the customer to create the optimal fashion item for their needs

  • Extraordinary designs
  • Perfect size
  • Individually designed and made clothes

Individual [orders]

Looking for the perfect fit or design.
You like a pice from this site but can't find exactly what you need?

My actual profession is designing and producing individually designed clothing for you.

Just tell me what you want and we will discuss the perfect design, size and material for every occasion.
Streetwear or party fashion, it doesn't make a difference to me.
Contact me for more information.

This is a 'NO COMERCE' business.

I work for the love of subculture, music and design, not for money.
I work alone with my own hands. Sometimes with colaborating artists.
Often on an experimental basis.
This means I put most of my spare time in work and materials.
Please keep that in Mind.