Individual Orders

The main idea for Legion Stuff is not just to sell previous made items like a regular shop.

I am a fashion designer.

And as a designer I want to create something that is completely meant for you.

If you interested in individual and unique clothing, feel free to contact me trough the contact formular or via


Whether if you want a jacket a choker a bag or a individual designed Shirt, just browse through my shop and tell me what would be the right piece for your future outfit.

The paterns will be individually made for your size.


Jackets, runner (long jackets) and troubleshooters (cropped jackets) are the core of my designs.
Even full winter coats are possible.

If you want a 'real' Legion outfit you definitely need one of these and it will be my darkest joy to create  your new favourite jacket.

Whether if you prefer black denim, classic black cotton or something else, every piece will get my personal note

Prices usually vary between 100€ and 200€ depending on used material and pattern.



laced chokers, handsewn with different fabrics, studds, chains etc.

Tell me what you like and I will create it for you

Chokers are 30€


Pants & Skirts

To round up an outfit, we need some leg wears (wether we want it or not) so here is your chance to cover your legs in some Legion originals.


Do you have your Legion jacket or outfit that you love, but you're still missing the right pants?


Prices usually vary between 80€ and 150€ depending on material pattern and the time I need to finish it. Of course we will talk about it before I start my work.

Tops & Dresses

Cute, sexy, hot or martial?

Lets create something to show how you feel


An individual pattern only for you.

Prices usually vary between about 40€ and 300€ depending on used material, pattern and how much time I need to finish it.
We will talk about it before I start my work.

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