The choice of the right material is an important part of creating clothing.
On this site I will show you a couple of my frequently used fabrics, to give you a bit of an Insight of my work and to help you finding out the right choice for your own Legion Stuff item.


Of course there are many more posibilitys, and I can't show you every fabric available.

If you are looking for a specific kind of fabric or a collor, not depicted here, just ask.

Every item will get my personal note. Just give me a bit of a dirrection where you want to go, and I will do the designing part.


Also known as 'Jean', is my personal favorite.
The undyed weft yarn gives it its distinctive texture.
A verry durable material with a lot of personality, made from cotton.

Denim is available in some colors. Typical in different shades of blue black and grey. Ask for mor Info.
Denim is about 20€ per meter.


Similar to denim its a verry durable cotton fabric.
But contrary  to denim its all dyed in one color.
Perfect if you like more of a clean 'all black' loock.

Its available in manny collors and strenghts. Ask for more info.
Gabardine costs about 15€-30€ per meter.


Best known for its use in T-shirts is a soft and elastic fabric, best used for Tops and dresses
It can be made from cotton and  vscose.

Jersey is available an many collors and also with different print paterns. Don't bother to ask.
The meter costs between 15€ and 30€ per meter.

Coat Fleece

A thic and warm fabric. Best for warm winter coats

The Regular coat fleece is made of 70% new wool, 15% cashmeere and 15% polyamide
A 100% cashmeere version is also available

Coat fleece can be ordered in a whide variety of collors. ask for more info.
Regular Coat Fleece is about 40€ per meter. The 100% cashmeere version is about 160€.

Coat Loden

Similar to coat fleece but with a smoother texture made of 100€ new wool.

Coat loden is about 60€ per meter.
Also avalable in a variety of colors.


A verry thin and transluscent cotton fabric best used in tops, dresses and for applications.

caution: verry transluscent.
Organdy is about 20€ per meter.

Skull Lace

Something sexy and spooky for tops, dresses skirts & co.

Or just for some fine applications.

caution: highly translucent

Skull lace is about 20€ per meter.


A whide Variety of different materials nd patterns.
Starting from 10€ up to 200€ per meter for more luxurious versions.

Don't bother to talk with me about what you have in Mind

Print Fabric

Cotton fabric.
Usually white with a one sided print.

The fabric is thin. Best suited for shirts, blouses, dresses and thin sumer jackets.

A whide variety of print paterns and collors is available. ask for more details.

Print fabrics are usually about 20€ per meter

Prints and Paintings

Prints and paintings can be individually made suiting your idea.


The perfect studd for every occashion.

from 30cent up to 3€